Awake.AI brings AI and savings to the maritime industry

Based in Turku, a historic maritime city of Finland, Awake.AI is building on its long experience in information technology and shipping. The company creates a solution for solving the ‘4×40 problem’ of the maritime business.

Ships spend up to 40% of their time waiting at ports, on top of this they sail only about 40% empty. Also through optimization and automation it is possible to decrease shipping’s operational costs by up to 40%. Global shipping emissions could be reduced up to 40%.

Awake.AI is developing a platform for collaboration and optimization, which enables better operational planning for all logistics chain actors in real-time. Collaborating with port authorities, ship operators, terminal operators and cargo owners.

From optimization and automation of processes to managing digital handshakes between ships and ports, the new platform is future-proof and extendable. It is able to adapt to the new emerging standards in the maritime industry, while making maritime logistics efficient, environmentally sustainable and safe.

The company has been growing fast and now has the best software talents in the maritime industry. The extensive recruitment is continuing. Awake.AI is aiming to be the most trusted smart port and autonomous shipping platform and ecosystem orchestrator in the world by 2025.

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