Calls for tenders and preliminary inquiries at ESO

Get advance information on forthcoming Calls for Tenders and Preliminary Inquiries expected to exceed 150.000 EUR at the European Southern Observatory.

Scheduled for issuance 1st Qrt 2020:

ELT large mirror coating plant

Road Maintenance Services at ALMA Observatory

Supply of a Crane Truck with off road capabilities for ALMA Observatory located near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Machining of standard mechanical parts

Service Contract for the Testing of VLT/ELT and ALMA Dataflow Software.

Supply of a Forecast tool for the meteorological and turbulence conditions at the Paranal Observatory

Contract for the provision of Freight Forwarding Services for ESO

Transport of Unit Telescope (UT) Mirror 1 (M1) Unit, Auxiliary Telescope (AT) and related service equipment within Paranal Observatory

Supply of Apple hardware for ESO

Contract for the provision of Freight Forwarding Services for ESO

Out-Tasking services on Database Content Management, services for processing and storing Astronomical data, and services on Archive Science for maintaining operations and archive access interfaces (web, programmatic)

Laser Projection Subunits for the Extremely Large Telescope

Scheduled for issuance 4st Qrt 2020:

Water transportation and water treatment plant maintenance at ALMA Observatory.

Manufacture, Verification and Delivery of Adaptive Optics Wavefront Sensing Cameras for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

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