Calls for tenders and preliminary inquiries at ESO

Get advance information on forthcoming Calls for Tenders and Preliminary Inquiries expected to exceed 150.000 EUR at the European Southern Observatory.

Scheduled for issuance 4th Qrt 2019:

Supply Contract for Procurement of parts, Assembly, Integration and Verification of Electronics Cabinets for the ELT M1 Cell

Supply Contract for Manufacture of Heat Exchangers for M1 Electronics Cabinets for the ELT M1 Cell

Career Path and Talent Development at ESO

Development of Advanced Silver Coatings for Telescope Mirrors

ESO’s long term Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Storage racks for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) Technical Facility (ETF) at the Paranal Observatory

Maintenance and supply of Cisco video conference systems and associated equipment at ESO HQ

Scheduled for issuance 1st Qrt 2020:

Contract for the provision of Freight Forwarding Services for ESO

Scheduled for issuance 3rd Qrt 2020:

Out-Tasking services on Database Content Management, services for processing and storing Astronomical data, and services on Archive Science for maintaining operations and archive access interfaces (web, programmatic)

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