Calls for tenders and preliminary inquiries at ESO

Get advance information on forthcoming Calls for Tenders and Preliminary Inquiries expected to exceed 150.000 EUR at the European Southern Observatory.

Scheduled for issuance 4th Qrt 2019:

Supply of LPG for Power Generation at ALMA Observatory

Scheduled for issuance 4th Qrt 2018:

Sampling and analysis of oil for the distribution transformers located at the ALMA Observatory

Water transport services between water plants and the ALMA Observatory

Maintenance of facilities, vehicles and heavy equipment at Paranal Observatory, located 120 km south of Antofagasta

Operation of the First Aid stations at OSF and AOS in ALMA, and at Paranal and La Silla Observatories

Supply of a Video Surveillance System for the ALMA Array Operation Site (AOS) at the Chajnantor Plateau

Provision of electric power for the ESO Headquarters in Garching

Design, Construction and Verification of the Data Display Tool

Overhaul of the 8-meter Coater Control System at Paranal Observatory

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