Finnish Companies in Space Technology Industry

Veera Sylvius SSF Tivi

Tekes maintains a list of Finnish companies in space technology industry to be used by foreign companies and research parties looking for partners. This list includes known Finnish companies operating in the space technology industry and it is updated regularly.

Please contact us if you find outdated or missing information.

Finnish companies in space technology industry


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In 2015, Tekes ordered a report focusing on the societal impact of space activities. The report was based on a survey that was conducted among Tekes’ company customers.

As a part of the overall impact evaluation, Tekes inquired whether their clients’ services, products or processes would function without space technology. 25 % of the companies stated that space technology is a critical part of their business.

Space technology generates a turnover of at least 22 billion €, employs over 40 000 people and creates 13 billion € in exports for Finnish companies.

Tekes has recognised approximately 70 companies in Finland that primarily work in the field of space technology.

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Examples of company cases

Primoceler 600
Glass micro bonding, based on a laser, can be used to hermetically seal electronics inside a glass wafer. Applications range from medical equipment to components used in space.

The company designs integrated microcircuits used in radio technology.

Satellite technology and fast remote sensing data provided by Iceye Oy, is useful in maritime shipping and navigation, monitoring natural and environmental disasters and forest mapping.

SSF-2 600
Space Systems Finland (SSF)
SSF is a systems engineering and software development company designing and developing complex industrial applications such as data processing systems, control systems and test automation solutions.