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Herschel, ESA

Bringing space technology to every day life by investing in space research is essential for Finland. These include e.g. location-based and weather services, which are among the areas developed in the European Space Agency ESA’s programmes.

Tekes provides funding for Finnish space companies, universities and space research facilities. Tekes also offers international networks and details on how to participate in ESA’s programmes and how to benefit from EUMETSAT and European Commission’s tenders.

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In 2015, Tekes ordered a report focusing on the societal impact of space activities. The report was based on a survey that was conducted among Tekes’ company customers.

As a part of the overall impact evaluation, Tekes inquired whether their clients’ services, products or processes would function without space technology. 25 % of the companies stated that space technology is a critical part of their business.

Space technology generates a turnover of at least 22 billion €, employs over 40 000 people and creates 13 billion € in exports for Finnish companies.

Tekes has recognised approximately 70 companies in Finland that primarily work in the field of space technology.


Finnish space science research organisations

Finnish Earth observation science organisations

Image: ESA

New breed of space tech is coming from Finland


High tech and Finland go together. This northern country initiated the mobile phone revolution, built mighty ice breakers, conceived the high-rise super elevators and invaded the world with Angry Birds. Finland is definitely a country of engineering and technology.

But can you name any Finnish space mission?

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