Isaware: Looking at the Sun, space and security

The connection between astronomy and security is not obvious, but it is logical: analyzing heaps of data and using the results in decision-making or scientific research.

Isaware’s roots are in their long experience in building instruments for high-energy astrophysics and in the analysis of scientific data. Phenomena like black holes and galaxy collisions mix with solar storms involves detectors sensitive to X- and gamma rays and high-energy particles.

The main focus of the Isaware instruments is the Sun. A 2-unit Cubesat called Sunstorm 1 will host Isaware’s XFM-CS instrument that may revolutionize the monitoring of the Sun in the future.

Isaware’s other focus is on artificial intelligence solutions based on machine learning and advanced analytics.

Combined data from fixed and moving cameras and other sensors on the ground, in the air, and also in space is used for real-time automatic detection of objects and their behavior. The solutions offer range from security surveillance to rescue services and remote assistance of elderly people.

Isaware’s mission is to take part in building an environment, which helps people adjust to our increasingly complicated technical environment.

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