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Herschel_ESABringing space technology to every day life is essential for Finland. These include e.g. location-based and weather services, which are among other areas developed in European Space Agency ESA’s programmes.

In addition to funding, Tekes provides Finnish companies, universities and research facilities networks in Finland and abroad and information on how to participate ESA programmes and benefit from EUMETSAT and European Commission’s tenders.

Tekes also maintains list of Finnish companies in space technology industry for foreign companies and research particies looking for partners.

Finland Space Activities 2014

Benefits of space based public services and Estimated total sales figures are based on survey by Ramboll Management Consulting and Tekes’ estimate.

Finnish space science research organizations

Finnish Earth observation science organizations

Image: The Herschel telescope is a classic Cassegrain design with a 3.5-m primary mirror — the largest ever launched into space — and a smaller secondary mirror. This powerful telescope allows astronomers to look deep into space by detecting light emitted in the far-infrared and sub-millimetre regions of the spectrum. (ESA)

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