Finnish Companies in the Space Industry / Suomalaisia avaruusalan yrityksiä

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Updated Jan 2018.

This list contains Finnish space companies but is NOT COMPLETE.

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Finnish space companies

Aboa Space Research (ASRO)
ASRO designs and manufactures electronic systems for various measurement and data handling purposes as a part of clients R&D activities for space and industrial applications.

Aerial specializes in making customer specific solutions within reasonable time scale, ensuring during the process that the customer ideas and expectations are foreseen in full. The company specialises in doing antenna and mast products and solutions to hard environments, for instance to Greenland.

Altair specializes in structural simulation and design of composite structures. Componeering has gained its competence and recognition from the development of ESAComp software as a European Space Agency (ESA) initiated and supported project.

Aplicom works in vehicle telematics, fleet management and telemetry equipment. The company’s vehicle tracking devices have been used in a number of large installations throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Arbonaut develops information gathering and GIS solutions for forest inventory and natural resource management. From satellite data collection to computer data analysis, Arbonaut’s technologies are used by some of the world’s largest timber owners to optimize and manage their forestry assets.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies
Aurora Propulsion Technologies designs and manufactures integrated modules for propulsion, attitude control and deorbiting for use in CubeSats and other smallsats.

Blom Kartta
Blom is a service provider within acquisition, processing and modeling of geographic information. Blom maintains unique European databases with collections of maps, images and models.

CoreHW designs and manufactures integrated microcircuits used in radio technology for e.g. satellites and other harsh environments.

DA-Group designs and manufactures advanced spaceflight, RF, microwave and digital systems, subsystems, units and LNA and MMIC development for space applications. DA-Group operates as a subcontractor to major satellite large-scale integrators (LSI) and directly to the European Space Agency (ESA) and other international space organizations.

Delta Cygni Labs
Delta Cygni Labs develops advanced communication and interaction systems.

Detection Technology
Detection Technology designs and manufactures e.g. radiation detectors and modules and related electronics.

Eforit provides coating and consultancy services to the technology industry. The has completed gold plating for the Cassini and Huygens satellites, which transmit unique research data that increase our knowledge of Saturn, Titan and the entire universe. Eforit has also participated in several other projects related to space research, such as in the Soho (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) project. In the near future, some of our plating will make voyage to Mercury.

Eifys commercializes the black silicon photodiode technology invented by a group of university researchers. The company owns the intellectual property rights to the technologies of both planar and black silicon n-type induced junction photodiodes.

Ekahau INC
Ekahau designs and manufactures wireless location technology.

Exafore provides its customers GNSS receiver technology development services, including architecture, algorithms, implementation, test automation and testing. Exafore also provides GNSS system analysis and other related services, together with ground based location systems development and embedded software engineering services.

Geowise is a consulting company with core expertise in areas of security, environment and geospatial information. We coordinate and carry out international as well as domestic development, research and marketing projects. Geowise is working for the European Space Agency in their ARTES 20 and 3-4 programmes by promoting new space opportunities for the industry in Finland.

Harp Technologies
Harp Technologies provides consultancy and Research and Development (R&D) services in radio frequency (RF), microwave, and millimeter wave technology. The company develops products that exploit RF technology, customer-specific components, equipment and solutions. Customers range from individual inventors and SMEs to research organisations and global publicly listed companies in the areas of space, defence & security, telecom & wireless, and remote sensing.

Huld is a European technology design house with over 450 employees and 13 offices in Finland & Czech Republic. Huld believes in the world beyond tomorrow, where physical and digital worlds merge in safe and secure way. Huld wants to find the best way for their clients to keep up with the changes in the world. Huld has over 30 years of experience participating in wide range of space missions. For space industry the company offers software development for ground processing and flight software, independent software verification and validation, space security and mechanical engineering.

Iceye provides real-time access to satellite imagery (e.g. maritime, agriculture, climate) without the limits of standard optical sensors. Iceye’s technology is capable of viewing through cloud cover, bad weather and darkness.

Indagon provides GPS and DGNSS based solutions and services with open architecture mobile telematics platforms. The company provides positioning and communication technology to operator M2M services and business vertical solution integrators.

Kovilta offers parallel-processor integrated circuit technology, embedded systems and algorith for image analysis. The company works currently in the STREAKDET project, funded by the European Space Agency ESA and lead by the Finnish Geodetic institute. Kovilta’s responsibility in the project is the development of image segmentation methods and algorithms for space debris detection from telescope data.

LNAFIN designs MMIC circuits upto terahertz frequencies. The company staff has experience of over 30 realized ASICS and MMICs in different technologies such as GaAs and CMOS. Tools include Microwave Office, MentorGraphics PADS, and KiCAD software packages. LNAFIN has experience also in specialist tools such as 3D electromagnetic simulators (EM) and hybrid tasks like PCB layout design and prototyping services.

Magister Solutions
Magister Solutions delivers services starting from designing new radio resource management concepts and algorithms to high-end software solutions used in the space industry. Magister is a privately held company forming a group with it’s software industry subsidiaries Versine Ltd and MDO Group Ltd.

Navielektro specializes in the delivery of situational awareness and tactical communications solutions. In addition, the company develops and manufactures a range of various radar and related sensors and communication equipment.

Opteon spezialises e.g. on large scale optics manufacturing, testing and telescope optics consulting.

Oxford Instruments Technology
Oxford Instruments is manufacturer of portable XRF (X-ray fluorescence) alloy analyzers. The company also designs, develops and manufactures customized X-ray instruments and components for space applications. These include both solid-state X-ray detectors and gas proportional counters, detector arrays and ultra-thin X-ray windows.

Reaktor Space Lab
Reaktor Space Lab offers satellite and mission design in addition to manufacturing, testing and operation services.

RUAG Space Finland
RUAG Space electronics unit is focused on spacecraft electronics design, development, manufacturing and testing, offering turn-key equipment and sub-systems. RUAG Space Finland has participated in most of the recent ESA programs such as Biomass, JUICE, MetOp-SG, Jason-CS/Sentinel-6, Solar Orbiter, EarthCARE, Sentinel-2, Galileo, Gaia, Rosetta, CryoSat-1 and -2, and ADM-Aeolus as well as NASA’s EOS-Aura mission. RUAG Space Finland operates also actively in the New Space segment.

Primoceler specialises in laser micro welding and scribing of transparent materials. European Space Agency ESA has selected the company to develop and fabricate its new optical sensor packages for use in future orbital missions. The benefits of the technology include a permanent, transparent seam and a hermetic seal to protect package contents, namely delicate optical sensor equipment.

RSI Solutions
RSI Solutions has 40 years of experience in professional software and electronics design and twenty of those years come from participating in space projects. The company’s electronics is currently orbiting in Earth monitoring satellites, and in Mars and Venus space probes.

Satellio is a space data company producing space data based analysis and monitoring services. The company’s technology is based on the satellite data processing chains, automatic image scanning and multi-source data merging to produce information to support customers’ decisions and processes.

Sharper Shape
Sharper Shape offers world’s first automatic asset inspection solution utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles. The solution reduces inspection and maintenance costs for high value assets such as power lines, pipelines and railways.

Solar Foods
Solar Foods is unlocking natural protein from mother nature by producing an entirely new kind of sustainable protein, Solein, using CO2 from air and electricity. This will revolutionize food production as Solein production is not dependent on agriculture, weather, or climate. It is the world’s most sustainable protein that can be produced even in space.

Space Nation
Space Nation offers a mobile application for astronaut training program.

Specim, Spectral Imaging is manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems for e.g. earth observation and drone mapping.

Tikitin designs and manufacturers MEMS resonators which can be used as accurate frequency references for electronics used in wireless communication.

Tracker is a communication system for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts and provides real-time positioning on high-quality topographic maps, satellite images or compass and communication within a group.

u-blox develops chips and modules for wireless communication and positioning.

The winner of Finland’s European Satellite Navigation Competition 2014, Ubium, conceptualizes, designs and develops contextual applications, in particular contextual games like location-based games.

Vaisala developes and manufactures instruments and systems for e.g. weather and environment monitoring, like humidity and air pressure, in satellites.

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