Markus Ranne appointed as the New Space Economy Program Manager


Markus Ranne (48) has over 20 years of experience in international activities, for example in projects focusing on energy, space, Big Science, foresight and African markets. He has also experience both in developing and coordinating international networks. Markus has worked on several satellite projects of the European Space Agency. Most recently he has been working as the Head of the Enterprise Europe Network team in Business Finland. Markus has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology and a MBA from Aalto University.

“My immediate tasks will include finalizing Business Finland’s New Space Economy program planning and launch. Once it reaches cruise speed it will be my task to ensure the execution of the program and its continuous development. Stakeholder co-operation (both in Finland and abroad), communication, activation of companies and supporting the creation of new ecosystems will be critical in ensuring the success of the program,” Markus says.

“In my vision the Finnish space sector continues to expand its operations to cover also the commercial space activities and applications, in addition to the traditional R&D. Globally space activities are transforming themselves into ‘business as usual’ and space as an enabler is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday life. This development provides the potential to develop Finnish space sector into an important part of Finnish economy.”

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Further information

Markus Ranne
Program Manager
Business Finland
+358 (0)2946 95453
markus.ranne (at)

Photo: Susanna Lehto