Seeking for Nordic joint research projects

New Space Economy related research workshop was held in the in the University of Oulu on the 29th of March 2019. Researchers from the Luleå University of Technology, The University of Oulu, The Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finnish Meteorological Institute and Geophysical Observatory of Sodankylä met and seeked ideas for potential joint research projects. Luleå team was lead by Vice Rector Dr. Olle Nordberg.

Really interesting pitches included e.g. small satellite development, ground station operations, high quality software development based on open source software, data analytics and machine learning, predictive maintenance of technical systems, research and technologies for monitoring ionosphere and near space, instrumentation and research of planetary atmosphere etc. Interesting candidates for joint research topics we raised up. Discussion and further development of ideas will continue and hopefully soon we will get few concrete project proposals.

Big thanks for professor Tero Päivärinta for organizing the workshop and big thanks for all participants for the excellent pitches and enjoyable discussion.

New Space Economy actors in Northern Finland region, please do contact me!

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