Northern Finland active in New Space Economy

Business Oulu and Business Finland organized a “New business from New Space Economy” event in Oulu 21st of Feb 2019. Close to 25 persons participated the event. There were 10 companies, the University of Oulu, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Business Lappi and the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory present. We had exciting presentations addressing the following topics (click links for presentations, pdf):

New Space Economy – new business opportunities, Teuvo Heikkinen, Senior Advisor, Business Finland

Doing business with ESA, Markus Ranne, Program Manager, Business Finland

Satellite ground station services for New Space Economy companies, Jyri Heilimö, Head of Arctic Space Centre, Finnish Meteorological Institute

World leading know how and technology in Sodankylä observatory and how that contributes to New Space Economy, Esa Turunen, Director, Adj. Prof., Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

After the presentations we had an interesting networking session. This was an excellent opportunity to meet potential companies exploring the possibilities in New Space Economy. I am sure that we will hear more about them later.

Events continue

New Space Economy events in Oulu will continue on March 29th 2019, in form of a research workshop with the University of Oulu, Sodankylä space campus and the University of Luleå. We will explore potential “cross border” research interests and topics in the field of New Space Economy. Big thanks to all participants.

New Space Economy actors in Northern Finland region, please do contact me!

Teuvo Heikkinen
Senior Advisor
Business Finland
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