Permanent State Under-Secretary Petri Peltonen: The space is of the ordinary

Space technology has crept to our everyday lives almost without notice. We take for granted the highly accurate satellite maps in our smartphones, tram and bus trackers with real-time schedules, or sports watches that record the distance, speed and route profile.

You no longer need to be a superpower to take advantage of space technology. The actual in-orbit satellite technologies are also quickly disrupting, with micro- and nanosatellites gaining a growing role. This has opened the doors to space for small countries like Finland, individual companies and university research groups.

Our main strengths include positioning applications and communication solutions. We invest in forest resource inventories and environmental monitoring of our lake and marine waters by means of satellite remote sensing. Finland is also well known for the study of snow and ice and atmospheric physics in the northern hemisphere and, of course, the aurora borealis.

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