Schott Primoceler: Glass-to-glass sealing with laser

Schott Primoceler has developed a glass micro bonding method for glass and silicon materials. Based on laser technology, it offers bonding to create reliable, fully hermetic glass packages without heat or added materials.

The company has developed this process in Tampere, where it is also based.

Schott Primoceler is working with the European Space Agency for creating high reliability optoelectronics.

Sensors based on optoelectronics and the micro-electro-mechanical systems are increasingly interesting for mass production applications like 3D and gesture sensing that are coming to mobile devices.

Schott Primoceler is also the world leader in active medical implants like retina implants that restore eyesight with neuro-stimulation and in real-time diagnostics of body functions.

These sensors and implants have exponential growth making the future prospects of Schott Primoceler exceptionally bright.

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