Solar Foods at Smart Space conference

Solar Foods Toulouse

Finnish startup Solar Foods, a prospecting food company, was presenting its concept and space applications in Toulouse, France, during Smart Space conference. Smart Space is a space industry conference organized by the French space agency CNES and the European Space Agency ESA.

The event is held as a forum for companies, startups, investors and space experts to network and exchange ideas. One of the major aspects of Smart Space was to provide a platform for investors and prospecting companies like startups to meet and interact. Solar Foods was attending the event to market our novel idea and to network with other space actors.

Solar Foods aims to bring a new food product, sustainable protein source Solein, to consumer markets in 2021. Solar Foods is also part of the Finnish ESA Business Incubator and we are looking to implement our novel food production method in space as a part of advanced life support systems. We hope to provide a food production method for astronauts on long term crewed missions.

Daniel Rotko
Specialist, Space Applications
Solar Foods
daniel (at)