Arctic Astronautics uses New Space for education and inspiration

Arctic Astronautics is the company behind Kitsat, a fully functional 1-unit CubeSat. It is a realistic hands-on tool for explaining how satellites are made, how they function and what we can do with space technology in general.

Originally Kitsat was tailored to inspire young people to pursue a career in the space field or simply to learn more about the New Space industry. It turned out however to be a versatile asset for all STEAM related subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in an inspirational and unconventional way.

Educators can invent their own new methods or use the Kitsat Spaceplace, an online service with ready-to-use activity ideas, lesson templates, and general space information.

Kitsat has found also multiple uses beyond schools and science centers. Since it looks and func-tions like a real satellite, at a fraction of the cost, it is being used as a CubeSat analogue by the professional space industry and academia. Everyone can now buy their own satellite.

For many purposes

Arctic Astronautics is also developing and expanding the Kitsat ecosystem with new models and use-cases. Kitsat has proven itself to be a robust platform already in very different scenarios, from summer camp sessions to demanding stratospheric flights.

Company is also aiming higher: a space-qualified version of Kitsat will be launched to space in fall 2021. This WISA Woodsat project will not only test Kitsat in orbit, but also study behaviour of plywood structures in space, demonstrate new affordable satellite communication system and provide educational material for the Kitsat Spaceplace. Plywood is made by Finnish UPM Plywood and Finnish technology company Huld has designed WISA Woodsat’s camera boom from 3D printed metal.

WISA Woodsat will be the world’s first Wooden satellite with a selfie stick. This also summarises the philosophy of Kitsat – you can learn and be inspired while having fun at the same time.

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