Aurora Propulsion Technologies: Thrust for spacecrafts

Aurora is a young and fast-growing company with many projects ranging from sending a stellar spacecraft to Polaris, the northern polar star, to advanced spacecraft simulations.

The main focus is still – as the name of company says – on propulsion in space. Aurora has developed the smallest rocket engine in market; this micro rocket system can move
satellites up to 200 kg.

Interestingly making of these rockets do not involve only space scientists, but also watchmakers. They are the best people when precise machining and micro-assembly by hand is needed.

Another stellar project is a solar electric sail that poetically makes surfing the northern lights possible. A version of the same technology is a plasma brake that can be used for deorbiting satellites. These brakes could be added easily to all satellites for making sure that they do not remain in space as junk even if they suddenly fail.

Both plasma brakes and micro thrusters have a very notable potential in low Earth orbit, on the way to the moon, and beyond our Solar Systems.

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