Calls for tenders and preliminary inquiries at ESO

Get advance information on forthcoming Calls for Tenders and Preliminary Inquiries expected to exceed EUR 150.000 at the European Southern Observatory.

Scheduled for issuance 2nd Qrt 2021:

Supply of fuel for ALMA and APEX Observatories

Recertification of 03 Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanks at ALMA Observatory

Supply of a Handling Tool for the ELT M2/M3 mirrors

Supply of a chiller at the Paranal Observatory

Overhaul of six European Antennas at ALMA Observatory

IT Communication Services for ALMA Sites

Design, manufacture, assembly, certification and delivery of the Armazones Internal Transporter

Garbage Removal Service from Paranal Observatory, located 150 km South of Antofagasta

Manufacture, Verification and Delivery of Adaptive Optics Wavefront Sensing Cameras for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

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