Cloudasset uses space assets for water management

Cloudasset is solving some of the most complex problems that the world faces today. To accomplish this, they are utilizing digital technologies, artificial intelligence and satellite data and services.

Cloudasset is a part of P3, a Financial Group which has developed a platform used in cross border trade, consumer connection as well as by merchants and financial institutions.

The other important service is Ramp, which is tailored for water resource management, flood prediction, drought management and disaster prevention. When meteorological, remote sensing and other satellite data is combined alongside ground-based sensory data, the Cloudasset AI tools can provide early warning and threat management capabilities to those in need.

Cloudasset which employs over 40 persons, is a Helsinki-based company working in four different geographical locations. The main reasons for selecting Helsinki as their main hub of activities, were the vivid and advanced innovation environment of Finland and the research cooperation with VTT and the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Center.

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