Iceye: Indexing the world with small synthetic-aperture radar satellites

As Iceye states itself, it is more an information company than a space company; they are focused on giving global access to objective, reliable and up-to-date remote sensing information.

This is done with their own constellation of micro satellites equipped the unique synthetic-aperture radar instruments developed and made in-house by the company.

With the radar technology, the satellites can take images both day and night, in any weather, and also through clouds. The large constellation enables very timely observations, as one of the satellites will surely fly over the target area shortly.

The ultimate goal of Iceye is to be able to collect data of every square meter at every hour on the entire globe. This information can be served as services for a variety of industries, really transforming the way these industries are being operated.

Just like Google is indexing the entire Internet, Iceye’s goal is to index the entire physical world.

Iceye is one of the most successful New Space companies with more than 53 million USD funding raised. It has has now two satellites in orbit, will launch several more in 2019 and targets to a full satellite constellation in operation by the end of 2020.

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