Finnish Companies in Space Industry

Veera Sylvius SSF Tivi

Business Finland’s New Space Economy program offers funding, networks and export services for developing international space related business.

Business Finland maintains a list of Finnish companies in space technology industry to be used by foreign companies and research parties looking for partners. This list includes examples of Finnish companies operating in the space technology industry.

See list of Finnish companies in space industry here

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible e.g. for the space policy, authorisation for space activities and the registry of space objects in Finland.

Watch the video below to learn more about Finland’s down-to-Earth space know-how.

Image: Tivi

Videos and cases of Finnish space players

Arctic Astronautics uses New Space for education and inspiration


Cloudasset uses space assets for water management


Addcomposites: Just add composites


Awake.AI brings AI and savings to the maritime industry


Verkotan: Wireless connections testing know-how


Isaware: Looking at the Sun, space and security


Aurora Propulsion Technologies: Thrust for spacecrafts


Delta Cygni Labs: Home of POINTR, a revolutionary remote collaboration solution


RUAG Space Finland: Advanced systems to supply the space industry


DA-Group: Advanced electronics and radio frequency solutions


Terramonitor: Satellite-based geographical information boosted with AI


Bittium: Reliable and secure connectivity solutions


ESA BIC Finland: Supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and startups


Reaktor Space Lab: A disruptive satellite builder


Harp Technologies: Specialist of customized radio technology


Iceye: Indexing the world with small synthetic-aperture radar satellites


Schott Primoceler: Glass-to-glass sealing with laser


VTT: Helping the world with space technology