SGAC Finland Networking Event

Friday 28.7.2023 at 18.00

SGAC Finland

SGAC Finland Networking Event

The event will open with a brief overview of the activities of SGAC Finland, which will be followed by free-form networking. The networking event will take place in Teerenpeli, Helsinki, Olavinkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki.

SGAC (Space Generation Advisory Council) is a global non-profit organisation that aims to represent university students and young professionals aged 18 to 35 in the UN, space agencies, industry and academia. The main goal of SGAC Finland is to unite and engage young adults who are interested in the space sector in Finland. This first networking event of SGAC Finland provides a platform to meet with fellow students and young professionals.

SGAC Finland´s first networking event is open to anyone interested in the activities of SGAC Finland. The registration to the event occurs through the invitation form by 26.7.2023: Participation is free of charge.