European Union Space Policy

The Lisbon Treaty provided the EU with more competence in space policy. Article 189 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) confers on the Union a shared competence in space matters which it shall exercise in cooperation with its Member States. 

The EU Competitiveness Council usually discusses topical space policy issues twice a year in May-June and November-December. Matters are prepared in the Council’s space working group. 

The EU Space Strategy aims to promote the competitiveness of the European space sector and the social benefits of space activities.  

The EU Space Programme provides data and services for the needs of society, business and research.


On 28 May 2021, in the Competitiveness Council, EU ministers responsible for space activities approved the council's conclusions on the New Space Economy and on space solutions for the needs of the coastal areas as well as discussed the management of space traffic