The Registry of Space Objects

Finland is a party to the UN Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space (Convention 9/2018, hereinafter Registration Convention). When a space object is sent into space, the appropriate country registers the space object by entering it in their national register and notifies the UN of the information on the space object entered in its register in accordance with the Registration Convention.

Space objects within Finland's jurisdiction are entered in the Registry of Space Objects maintained by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The space activities operator shall provide the following information to the register:

  1. country or countries sending the object;
  2. name of the operator;
  3. space object's identification code or registration number;
  4. general purpose of the space object;
  5. time and place of launch and the equipment in which the object will be launched;
  6. parameters for the space object's trajectory which are:
    • orbit time;
    • angle of tilt;
    • farthest point on its trajectory (apogeum);
    • nearest point on its trajectory (perigeum).

The information must be submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment within one month of the launch. The notification can be submitted via the UN form