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Revontulet talvisessa tunturi ja järvimaisemassa


SpaceFinland gives a look at Finnish space sector companies and research as well as the Finnish space administration

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  • Column
    30.5.2024 14:04

    Space business plays an increasing role in warfare

    Commercial space services have also been used in warfare for decades, but their importance has increased further in the 2000s. One reason for this is the strong growth of space business and the development of capabilities, but another is the general…

  • Column
    13.5.2024 13:43

    Space is taken into account more strongly in security and defence policy

    Space as an operating environment is increasingly important for defence. Its importance to the armed forces has grown faster than we have anticipated. This is largely due to the explosive growth of space business. However, we cannot underestimate…

  • Column
    18.4.2024 9:04

    ESERO Finland aims to develop Finnish science and technology expertise

    ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) is the European Space Agency ESA’s most important channel for supporting science education in schools. ESERO activities promote scientific learning and increase interest toward space sciences and…


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