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"Computing & Space": An iterdisciplinary discussion at the Think Corner

Publication date 7.9.2023 0.51 | Published in English on 7.9.2023 at 1.13
News item
"Computing & Space"-tapahtuma järjestettiin Helsingin yliopiston tietojenkäsittelytieteen osaston aloitteesta.

On September 6th, the "Computing & Space" event was held at the University of Helsinki's Think Corner. The event focused on the intersections of computer science and space research.

The "Computing & Space" event brought together attendants interested in space and computer science to listen to researchers' presentations exploring the significance of computer science for the study of outer space. 

The event featured researchers Ian F. Akyildiz (ITU), Laura Ruotsalainen (UH), Tomas Kohout (UH), Teemu Roos (UH) and Lucile Turc (UH) as speakers.

Among other topics, the speakers brought up the application potential of artificial intelligence for the localization of satellite interference as well as neuro-network-based asteroid mineralogical research, the results of which are expected to advance our understanding of the evolution of our solar system.

Professor of Computer Science Laura Ruotsalainen spoke about AI's application potential for space activities.