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The Finnish company was selected as the only provider of hyperspectral data for the Copernicus programme

Publication date 30.6.2023 11.33 | Published in English on 30.6.2023 at 11.37
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The company's technology can be used to monitor agricultural and marine farming, methane emissions, forest status and harmful algae deposits in the seas and coastal areas.

The Finnish space technology startup Kuva Space has been selected as a provider of hyperspectral data for a project promoting the Copernicus programme of the European Commission. The company is the only provider of hyperspectral data in the project. The value of the five-year contract is five million euros.

According to CEO Jarkko Antila, the production of continuous, reliable and affordable hyperspectride data has previously been impossible due to the large size and costs of the instruments. In this way, users receive support for decision-making in relation to food self-sufficiency, carbon sequestration and public safety.

Source (in Finnish): Kauppalehti 19.6.2023