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Director of Science of the European Space Agency visited Helsinki

Publication date 16.1.2024 16.45
News item

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment organised an event for Finnish science and space researchers to meet Ms. Carole Mundell, the Director of Science at the European Space Agency, who visited Helsinki on January 10, 2024.

Professor Mundell presented opportunities in ESA Science Programme followed by brief presentations on how we in Finland do science in the ESA programme. The event ended with discussion on themes targeted to support interests of Finnish researchers in the ESA Science Programme and how to engage best the scientific community and young professionals to ESA activities.  

Programme of the event

  • Scientific Opportunities in ESA programme, ESA
  • Discussion
  • How to do science in the ESA programme, Finnish side
    • Minna Palmroth: Near-Earth space plasma
    • Kari Rummukainen/David Weir: LISA
    • Hannu Kurki-Suonio: Euclid/Planck
    • Tomas Kohout: Solar System Small Bodies/Comet Interceptor
    • Rami Vainio: Heliospheric physics
    • Jaan Praks: Small-satellites activities in Finland
    • Kiira Tiensuu: Young professional use
  • Discussion

Watch the recording of the event here

Watch also a short video of the sun