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EU Copernicus Programme has produced valuable data for 25 years

Publication date 20.12.2023 13.54
News item
Sentinel-3 Satellite. © ESA/ATG medialab.

In summer 2023, Copernicus, the world's largest environmental monitoring programme, turned 25. The objective of this EU remote sensing programme is to share comprehensive and high-quality information on the state of the Earth's atmosphere to assist decision-makers and understand the state and changes of nature.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute participates in the Copernicus Programme in many ways. It produces information on, for example, wildfires and snow conditions. The current themes of the Copernicus service are climate change, atmosphere, marine environment, ground monitoring, emergency management and security.

At the beginning of September 2023, there were spectacular sunsets and sunrises across Europe – also in Finland. This was due to sand dust from the Sahara. Read here about the interesting observations made by the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) around the globe.

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