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For Riihimäki, European Space Agency ESA project funding

Publication date 8.1.2024 14.04
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In the UrbanAI project funded by the European Space Agency ESA, Riihimäki's digital twin is implemented. A digital twin means a digital equivalent of the city's public environment, buildings and functions on a server computer.

The data streams from the sensors of the city's various functions fed into the digital twin will enable monitoring of the city's up-to-date situational picture, optimization of functions and anticipation of special situations, such as traffic jams, floods and property maintenance needs. The activities to be monitored with the help of a digital twin are determined together with city units and companies in the area.

Zero Gravity Oy, a Finnish software development and artificial intelligence application startup company authorized by ESA, acts as the city's partner in the implementation of the digital twin. The UrbanAI tool developed by the company models in real time the state of the urban environment, emissions, energy consumption and traffic, among other things, by combining satellite image data with other data streams produced by sensors and measurement in various industries of companies and the city. Analytics functions such as time series and reporting options have also been integrated into the UrbanAI platform.

The digital twin enables monitoring of the up-to-date situational picture of the city

DigThe digital twin will be introduced to the businesses of the city of Riihimäki as an online application. The project uses satellite data provided by ESA. Data streams offered by companies, concerning different industries, can also be connected to the platform.

Kristian Keinänen, development manager of the city of Riihimäki, summarizes the goals of the UrbanAI project as follows: "With the help of a digital twin, the situational information available in our city is gathered in one place, expanded and refined. We want to offer citizens, companies and the city's own units customized information in an easy-to-use format, for example in the form of meters, graphs and time series."

"From the beginning of this year, we are organizing the city's strategic development into a new technology and innovations unit. The smart city is one of the focuses of the new unit, and the development of digital twins is part of today's urban development. I'm proud and happy about the development support granted by the European Space Agency, which raises the profile of our new unit and what we do", says city manager Jouni Eho.

The UrbanAI project is fully funded by the European Space Agency's PUSH 3 program (Programme for Userbase EnHancement).

Additional information: Development Manager Kristian Keinänen – kristian.keinanen(at) 

Source: The City of Riihimäki