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Science in the Space Environment (SciSpacE) and Doing Business with ESA websites expands understanding

Publication date 1.2.2024 10.06
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Photo: ESA/Novespace

The European Space Agency (ESA) SciSpacE website contains a large amount of interesting information on issues such as parabolic flights and the International Space Station (ISS). Doing Business with ESA website is also very useful.

SciSpacE seeks to build on the diverse strenghts of Europe, to lead trailblazing research on and around the Earth, the Moon and Mars, to extend humanity’s reach into space, provide benefits to Earth, and, most importantly, push the frontiers of our understanding.

You can visit the website to learn about for example parabolic flights, dry immersion and the International Space Station (ISS) which with ESA’s Columbus module is a unique platform allowing research in the space environment, and in microgravity. 

A parabolic flight consists of take-offs and landings made by an aeroplane at a certain steep rate, thus creating a zero-weight position on the aeroplane. These flights are usually operated with an appropriately modified large passenger aircraft, the engine rotations of which are minimised and allowed to fall freely. In this case, an almost unweighted space is experienced inside the aeroplane, as all the pieces are in free fall per ground. Air drag only applies to the body of the aircraft. For decades, parabolic flights have been used to train astronauts and cosmonauts.

The website also includes calls for tender for the ESA Exploration research programmes carried out by ISS under the Moon and Mars programmes. Finland joined the Terrae Novae Programme at the beginning of 2023. On the website you can also subscribe to the SciSpacE newsletter to receive the latest news about research opportunities.

Science in the Space Environment (SciSpacE) website 

Doing Business with ESA

Explore another useful site: Doing Business with ESA which provides access to the different ESA IT Corporate Applications for all economic operators doing business with, or intending to interact with, ESA.