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Space is the key to combating climate change

Publication date 9.12.2021 11.58 | Published in English on 9.12.2021 at 12.32
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With space technology Finland creates solutions which can promote sustainable development and mitigate climate change.

A rapidly growing number of Finnish companies are developing space technology solutions for both domestic and international markets. The solutions can promote sustainable development and mitigate climate change.

Many Finnish companies utilise space technology in sustainable development solutions. For example, Kuva Space helps to use water and fertilisers optimally in agriculture, and ICEYE monitors floods caused by climate change and helps to minimise their impact on people and infrastructure. Aurora Propulsion Technologies works for the sustainable use of space by preparing plasma brakes for smaller satellites to enable satellites to return from orbit instead of them being left as hazardous space debris.

CollectiveCrunch shows from space how forests are doing

The solutions of the Finnish-German CollectiveCrunch increase the efficiency of the use of natural resources, improve the management of large forest areas and store carbon dioxide by means of forest management. Artificial intelligence plays a key role in space technology. If there is a great deal of data, AI can be used to process it to end users.

“With the help of our Linda Forest AI platform, we combine different kinds of climate and geographical data for the use of forest owners. It is a big help in monitoring and managing forests and in monitoring the microclimate. Our customers include the largest forest owners in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and pilot projects are currently expanding to new markets, such as South America. Our mission is to change the world’s understanding of forests by creating the most accurate and scalable analytics system for the forest market of sustainable development,” says Jarkko Lipponen, CEO of CollectiveCrunch in Finland.