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Young people are interested in the space sector

Publication date 27.11.2023 10.41 | Published in English on 27.11.2023 at 10.45
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Afterwork night's pleasant atmosphere

Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) Finland organised a relaxed afterwork event on November 10th 2023. The event had a great atmosphere. 

We got some great feedback from the participants that we can use to develop our activities further and organise even more fun events in the future. Our next event will be a networking evening in conjunction with the Winter Satellite Workshop on January 18th 2024. Entry to the event is free. If you are a student or young professional in the space industry we hope to see you there! 

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is a global network of students and young professionals aged 18 to 35 years in the space sector. SGAC represents young people to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia, and it has grown to an organisation of more than 27 000 members, offering diverse opportunities to meet other students and young professionals in the space field, for example, in the form of different events.

SGAC Finland is organised by the National Points of Contact, Kiira Tiensuu and Tiia Tikkala. Our goal is to gather young adults from different fields (such as science, engineering, law…) and from different areas of Finland who are interested in a career in the space sector or who want to meet other young professionals. Until now we have organised two relaxed afterwork events, the most recent of which was on November 10th 2023.

If you’re interested in joining or even helping us organise these events, please get in touch!

Tiia Tikkala    
Kiira Tiensuu  

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